As you move through life, setting intentions, saying prayers, creating vision boards or vision books, connecting to the Universe and now even stating your ideas to the Multi-verse, all in terms of both creating and manifesting your life in this physical 3D world.cf1248dd3e428730b406f87b69484dea
What happens when things go haywire? What happens when these things don’t turn out how you thought they would? For sure this leads to confusion. Could it be that perhaps you were not as specific as you thought you were being when you put into motion all your intentions?

What do you suppose happened when, for instance, you intended for the perfect person to show up in your life. Whether a romantic partner, a great boss, a supportive friend, whoever, but they showed up in your life with their own agendas. Oops! What happened? The Universe is confused, not you? Did the Universe now hear you clearly?

Deepak Chopra talks about possibilities and potentials as the opportunities to create the circumstances in your life. However, without your clear directions, confusion can occur in several ways. You may get what you ask for, but aren’t sure how it turned out the way it did. Possibilities and potentials are great things to intend but what’ the point if they don’t turn out as you planned. Until you are very clear about what it is you are asking the Universe and Multi-verse for to support you, confusion can happen.

cb63fd01db6522fcf8e81552ac57b00fThe thing about possibilities and potentials are the aspects in this 3D world is that if these possibilities and potentials are hanging out in the ethers, than what is the point of them?
Well, the point is to make them your manifested realities. Yes, to actualize them. To bring your intentions, prayers and declarations out of the ethers and into substance is the practical applications of potential and possibilities. What you ask for is what you get. The clearer and more precise you are, the easier and better you get at manifesting or actualizing your realty or realities that match your intentions. Getting the idea now?

You can’t leave your intentions and prayers hanging out in the ethers without providing directions. You are the writer, director of your possibilities and potentials. The next step is be the on purpose with purpose producer to make them real in your life and for your life. No ambiguity unless you accept ambiguity. Don’t get angry or disappointed if your intentions don’t work about they you think they should.

Be clear. Set your intentions and prayers, write them down, speak them out loud, just make sure you know what you are asking. The more specific you are, the better the deal you get. Stay out of the outcome, Let the Universe and Multi-verse work out the details. Don’t get in the way. Again possibilities and potentials are nothing until you make the something. Your goal is to make them your physical manifested, actualized realities.4a3655385b1a5130a503152f29a63ca4

Now go have fun and let the clear creating begin!


Have you noticed that you are overtired, having trouble sleeping, exhausted for no reason, sick and tired of being sick and tired, being sad for no reasonable reason, in fact, being something other than your Self for no reasonable reason? There is an answer to all of this. The fear of the Collective Consciousness is permeating this planet right now.a75e4cee63cf614c19278a35c72d14a8

Wars, uprisings, the hurricane disasters, the earthquakes, the financial situations, the nuclear fall-out from the nuclear plant disasters, chronic diseases, human brutality, child abuse, sexual abuse, dysfunctions of all types. The list goes on permeating the atmosphere of the earth into an intensified field of collective fear that is affecting every human on this planet right now. This intensified fear field is affecting the planet.

The societal cure is a pill or some modality or head treatment which is supposed to give you the answers. How is that working for you? Or anyone for that matter? None of these “finding the answers outside of your Self can “cure” the collective fear or your own personal fears. “You cure hams and meat, you can’t cure humans.” Humans have to heal their own personal issues first. This means “you” have to be responsible for your own life without the personal judgment of your Self or others.

Stop looking outside of your Self for the “cure”! Stop looking for an authority figure, or some invisible guru to give you your answer. By the way guru means “G” “U” “R” “U”! Got it! Look… you did the best and worst you could with what you knew and didn’t know. It was mostly what you didn’t know that is the problem. Too many dysfunctional Bands of limiting Belief Systems, the B.S. Programs telling you… “You are not deserving, not smart enough, not something or other… not, not, blah, blah, blah! These “nots” turn into knots and you get sick and more fear-filled. Be afraid of the power of your Self is the biggest fear.

These overwhelming “bands” of fear are connecting to everyone. Wherever you are holding your largest fear center in your body is where you get hooked into the fear bands. Frequency and vibration attract frequency and vibration. Fear attracts fear. The fears are intensified by the news media, the governments. To whatever particular group of fear mongers you are emotionally attached, the fears will affect your life. Wherever you get emotionally hooked, you must address the fear issue within your own body. The fear or fears stuck in your body consciously or unconsciously affect and influence your energy and you feel drained. The fear affects your life, your health and your wealth. Cut the bands!5f6ba64baddbacfe6e98d6ed0d540361

Your computer/brain is not affected. Your brain is not your intelligence. Your brain is a computer to organize information. Most people live through their left brain on a loop of dysfunctional repetition. You “think” your computer/brain is the reason you fear. Computers don’t fear. They are mechanical technology. The infinite intelligence and intellect in your body is what is impacted by the fears because you are processing your life through a computer/brain. Fear does not resonate to the frequency and vibration of your body that is the real you…loving, creative and connected. This permeating fear keeps you disconnected from not only your Self but from your loving innate, natural connection to others and this planet.

As long as you are disconnected from Self, the only thing you will be connected to are the fears, the dysfunctions and the incredible trauma dramas. You continue to look outside of your Self for your own personal answers. Can’t happen, never will! If you “think” you found the “right” answer outside of you, the problem may be solved for a minute or two, but then you are “right” back into the trauma dramas. With a Self-Resolution there is no long term or real solution. You must know what is the correct answer for you for a particular issue.

As part of a collective you are kept in the dark, kept in the servitude to serve the fear or fears instead of connecting to the infinite intelligence and intellect that you are in your physical body of consciousness. Stay out of the fear, trust your intuition, trust your heart, trust your gut feeling. Don’t live in limited Belief Systems. You have a choice…Fear or Clear!!! Find your own Truth inside of you. Start with your Heart. If something doesn’t feel correct to you, don’t do it. Get more facts. If it still doesn’t feel correct, move on. Stay out of the emotional attachments to the fears. Stay in connection with your Self!

Most modalities teach you the answers are outside of your Self. The QuantumPathic Energy Method directs you deep within your Cellular Memory to find your Truth. You remember to trust your Self. QPEM shows you, not tells you, what to do to stay out of the fear and how to get connected to your Self. Whether we work with you in person, over skype or on the phone, you get the results you require to live a healthy life. You do get clear instead of being traumatized by the dramas and the fear.

The QuantumPathic Energy Method is like no other method for reaching levels of your clear consciousness, underneath the rubble of fears. You absolutely Take Back Your Power. You live consciously with your Self and for your Self. You get the correct answers inside of your Self. Whatever your method of Self-healing make sure it doesn’t include the answers outside of you. The correct answers are inside of you accessed through asking the correct questions. This is how the QPEM works!



What is addiction, complicated or maybe not! Why do you take drugs and/or alcohol? To numb and dumb your Self? To pretend? To hide? To avoid life? Yes, it is all of these things and even more. Why does addiction happen to you and anyone? It happens a little bit at a time. A little […]

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Are you going through a divorce? If you feel devastated, alone, without support, then we, at the QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness are here to assist you in getting through the emotional and physical issues of divorce. Although divorce is a statistically high percentage in the US, it doesn’t make it any easier when it happens […]

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The Law of Attraction, whether a secret to you or not, does work.  However there is a glitch in the system that can cause havoc in your life!  What is it?  Before we get to that, let’s review the up and down cycles of the Duality issues here on this wondrous Earth planet of Third […]

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Whew…judgment is such a debilitating behavior. Judgment blocks clear consciousness. Judgment blocks opportunities in every way. When you are judging someone or specific groups of people, you are missing your chance to educate your Self and go beyond your limited Belief Systems. Even if there is a not a match energetically, physically or consciously, you […]

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Ever wonder why it is so easy to remember the bad stuff? There are viable reasons. For one thing there are more negative words in the English language than there are positive ones. The don’t’s, the not’s, the no’s, the can’t’s, the shouldn’t’s, the words that are not very support. These words take away and […]

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Energy Healing Medicine. The problem is that healing takes along time, the answers are outside of you, it cost a lot of money, medications are always needed and sickness can not be prevented. None of this information is correct. Energy Healing Medicine allows you to connect to your body at the cellular level of consciousness […]

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This statement…”Life is never what you think it is” is the perfect statement you can say when life doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it was going to be? Do you ever know what life is going to be? Yes and No! When you stay in your head, you can calculate, add two […]

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What opportunities parents have the minute they know, for sure, they are pregnant. Thank god for those pregnancy tests! With this knowledge, the parents can connect to their baby or babies from the very second the test registers positive. How practical is this? Do you know that everything the parents think, say, do, experience, especially […]

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